Use Cases

The following list shows a few scenarios in which the AdsInABox™ solution can be used:

• Product Introductions

• Infomercials

• Product / service advertising

• Product / service specifications and features

• Educational Media

• Training Materials

Cloud Service

We can offer Cloud Media Services (CMS) per monitor, room, city and country. With AdsInABox™ you can purchase professional advertising at a fraction of the normal cost due to the unique nature of our technology. Data is manageable over the AIB Cloud from multiple locations, from multiple parties, and content (as well as monitors) can be switched between private and shared modes. Our smart-cloud hosting technology can be expanded to multiple servers in no time and be adjusted to meet customer demand.

Advertising can be pushed at any point-in-time globally to an unlimited number of POS devices from a web browser from anywhere in the world without any technical knowledge or complicated software installations.

Smart Media Controller

Our compact and easy-to-install Android-based "Smart Media App" (SMA) software is powered by our proprietary media-pull technology. The smart cache technology allows the controller device to continue your advertising compaign whether or not internet connection is available. Proprietary high-availability technology ensures that the device is always functional and available. Additionally, the smart-hashing functions reduce the need for high-speed internet connectivity. Since the client is written as a standard Android APP it can literally be installed in a few seconds. The media controller supports several media formats, transitions and advertising modes.


The back-end core AdsInABox™ application is architected to support literally tens of thousands of monitors and advertising campaigns. All this can easily be controlled by a very intuitive & cloud-based interface. The central AdsInABox application is expandable via server-side db-clustering, and can scale in a linear fashion due to the efficient and effective memory management services.


AdsInABox™ takes advantage of the most stringent security capabilities available today. ALL in-bound and out-bound services are protected by Secure-Sockets Layers. Extensive monitoring and logging of all processes allows the system to quickly recognize and disable inappropriate server and client-side activities.