AdsInABox™ is a professional Ad Service Provider for Digital Signage

AdsInABox a Digital Signage and Advertising solutions provider based in Delaware USA.  Our technology allows any customer to receive static or dynamic advertising world-wide via the Internet.  Advertising can be placed on large monitors, Android Pads or Android Smart Phones. Our proprietary technology is optimized to use limited bandwidth and high quality imaging. The smart-sensing feature of our dongle software detects traffic, and will automatically switch from on-line mode to self-sustained mode.  Additionally our integrated solution provides the  transition and image scaling options and effects you would expect to find in a digital signage solution.

Whether you are a store owner who wishes to deploy Digital Signage (information display panel) solutions in your shops, or you are an Advertiser looking for an effective marketing strategy for promoting your products directly at the shops where your goods are sold, AdsInABox has an affordable and flexible package of products and services to meet your needs. 

With the AdsInABox™ solution it is possible for businesses as well as non-profit organization and individuals to more effectively and directly distribute their internal information, news, product briefings and more.  Whether our customers are interested in promoting their internal products and services, or for educating internal employees on the latest corporate developments and technologies, or perhaps they need a cross-marketing tool for promoting of their business partners, AdsInABox™ offers the most effective and easiest solutions.